Opening Times

We are open to visitors 7 days a week all year round and have space for at least 40 visiting vessels.

Visitor Moorings

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Harbour Chartlet

2 Grey visitor Buoys – maximum 6 boats on each
2 Yellow visitor buoys – maximum 4 boats on each
Concrete Lighter – this is moored in the river and boats may tie up either side. Rafting out is only permitted on the West face. The number of boats depends on the overall length, usually a maximum of 12.
ATL (all tide landing) – The wooden pontoon has one berth (yellow section) and 2 vessels may raft together. Note that the Red section is for stays up to 20 minutes only, for filling water tanks and taking on crew. This red section is free to use though there is a heavy penalty if a vessel stays longer than 20 minutes. The skipper must remain with the vessel.
Pontoon – This large pontoon can take approximately 15 vessels, rafting is permitted up to 4 deep. Only the channel side (West face) is open to visitors.
Empty mooring buoys – mooring holder buoys will be available from time to time when mooring holders are on holiday, please ask a member of staff for availability.

Mooring procedure

On arrival at the harbour please call “Sheppey 1” VHF 08 or mobile: 07456 459754 and provide us with your vessel length, type of vessel and preferred mooring requirements. Our staff will then allocate the most suitable mooring.

Getting Ashore

The ATL & Pontoon have direct access to shore. All other moorings are in the Swale and you will either need a tender or use our FREE trot boat service.

Late Arrivals

If you arrive after office hours please take the most suitable visitor mooring for your vessel. If you plan to depart before 10am please use our “Honesty Box” located at our harbour office. We are a not-for-profit community interest company and value the goodwill of the boating public to maintain our operations.

Booking Ahead

We can only take bookings for club trips with 6 boats or more and this is only for the Concrete Lighter. All other visitors are served on a first-come first-served basis. 

Visitor Rates


  Swinging Mooring & Concrete Lighter Pontoon/ATL Hammerhead
Boat Length Short Stay

(3 hours before 3pm)

Overnight Short Stay

(3 hours before 3pm)

Up to 10m £7 £15 £10 £20
Above 10m Add £1 per meter Add £2 per meter Add £1 per meter Add £2 per meter

Fuel & Gas

The nearest “On-the-Water” fuel service is at Gillingham marina, approximately 8 miles up the river Medway from Queenborough, the fuel berth is located outside of the marina so there is no need to lock-in. There are 2 garages in Queenborough about 1 mile away which supply Petrol, Diesel and Calor gas.


There are cashpoints in Queenborough at The Post Office and the Co-op (5 minute walk) and at the 3 local garages (approx. 1 mile away).