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ALL Money Raised from Adopt A Plank will be invested in the Harbour

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As a Non-Profit trust we are continually looking for ways to raise funds. This year we are launching “Adopt a Plank”, and asking everyone with an interest in the harbour to “Adopt a Plank” on our newly refurbished walkway.

For £25 you can have a personalized silver plaque and for £50 you can have a personalized gold plaque fixed to the walkway.

Whether you are a mooring holder, a visitor, friend or volunteer, yacht club, business or simply someone who wants to see the harbour thrive and become a great success, we welcome your support.

All the money raised from Adopt A Plank will be invested in the Harbour.





 Payment by Paypal:

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Click Here to download a form   please return your completed form to:  

Adopt A Plank,  Queenborough Harbour,  South St,  Queenborough,  Kent,  ME11 5AF


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Our “Adopt a Plank” fundraising scheme will help us move the harbour forward by attracting investment as well as interest in the harbour by promoting a sense of community. Queenborough really is one of the very few destination ns on the Tidal Medway & Swale with walk ashore access; by “Adopting a Plank” you will be buying into the community spirit of the harbour and helping to ensure its long term success.

Queenborough Harbour has suffered from chronic underinvestment for a number of years and the Trust is continually looking to access funds which will enable it to supply the amenities and services which other areas, not having been starved of investment can take for granted. For example, shore power, water and fuel as well as enhanced river access and security.

The primary business goal is to develop the harbour services that attract greater business and help ensure its long-term viability. Users of the harbour will benefit from the improved services on offer and as visitor numbers increase so the local community will benefit from their spending power, which in turn will improve shore-side facilities and attract even more visitors.



Q – What is the difference between a Silver & Gold plaque?

A – For £25 a Silver plaque will be placed on one end of a plank. Someone else will buy a plaque for the other end.

A – For £50 a Gold plaque will be placed on one end of a plank showing the whole plank has been adopted by one contributor, no other plaque will be placed on that plank.


Q – How long will my plaque remain on the walkway?

A – The material used for the plaques is the same as that used on oil rigs, we expect it to last 10 years


Q – Is there a limit to how many words I can have engraved?

A – No, but fewer words will be easier to read by passers-by. We suggest 20 characters per line and up to 3 lines.


Q – Can I have more than 1 plaque?

A – Yes we would encourage you to buy as many plaques as possible. Just enter the number you require in the box      next to Silver or Gold.


Q – Can my message be engraved in another language?

A – We are able to engrave in most European languages, please ask for details.