FREE Trot Boat

Trot Boat

The trot boat service running from the ATL (All Tide Landing) is free to mooring holders and to visitors who have paid for an overnight or short stay mooring. Trot boat operating hours are shown below, but please appreciate you may have to wait a short while if our staff are attending to other duties. During quiet periods, especially in the spring and autumn these times may vary, if in doubt please contact the harbour office.  Outside these hours it may be possible to request the trot boat, if so the fee is £10 per return journey.


April &  May                                       Friday, Saturday & Sunday                 10am to 9:30pm

June                                                    Monday to Thursday 10am to 6pm  and  Friday to Sunday 10am to 9:30pm

July & August                                     Every day                                              10am to 9:30pm

September & October                      Friday, Saturday & Sunday                10am to 9:30pm

Nov to March                                     Saturday & Sunday                             10am to 4 pm


With the exception of Christmas day, Boxing day & New Year’s day.


Trot boat Call Sign – Sheppey One, VHF CH 08.    Mobile 07456 459754.    Harbour office on 01795 662051.



VHF channel 08  “Sheppey 1”  or  Mobile 07456 459754

Alternatively phone the harbour office on 01795 662051

Weather Restrictions

We cannot operate in all weathers, though generally speaking if the weather is suitable for cruising then it is suitable to operate the trot boat. When the weather turns foul, our trained Harbour Operators have the responsibility and authority for making a decision on whether it is safe for them to operate.