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Guidance notes for new boat owners

So, you’ve bought a boat. Congratulations! Welcome to the rewarding world of boat ownership.
We strongly recommend vigorous sea trials and survey as part of the buying process (lots of insurance companies will insist on a current survey) so that you can be confident in your crafts reliability before transporting her to the harbour for the first time.
However, if you have been unable to do this, or have already hit the button on a whimsical eBay purchase, we strongly recommend launching your boat and carrying out your own set of sea trials with experienced help in a safe environment before transporting your new pride and joy to the harbour.
Boats do not like sitting around unused and although most marine engines are generally reliable, this is dependent on them being well maintained and operated regularly.
The main issues we see in the harbour are:
• Fuel problems. Petrol carburettors can “gum up” due to evaporation in the float bowel and modern fuels deteriorate quickly when left sitting for periods of time. Water is also an issue, the larger volume of ethanol in modern petrol attracts water from the atmosphere which can cause erratic running and engine cut-outs.

Diesels, although generally more durable, they do have their own set of problems. Diesel bug can be an issue; a thick bacterial film that grows in the interface where diesel and water meet can, and will, quickly block filters leading to poor running and engine cut-outs.
Vessels left sitting for long periods of time in calm waters or on hard standing may have years of accumulated sludge in the bottom of fuel tanks which becomes stirred up when encountering waves and wind and quickly overcome filters.

• Electrical systems can corrode in a damp, salty environment and lead to erratic ignition problems or complete failure. This will inevitably be just as you are about to pick up a mooring, coming alongside to collect guests, or when there’s an enormous ship bearing down on you…
Batteries also frequently cause problems; they deteriorate over time and can be irreversibly damaged by deep discharges. Unless you are sure of the age and condition of your batteries, money spent on new replacements is seldom wasted for the extra peace of mind.

• Cooling. Whether direct cooled in the case of most outboards or via a heat exchanger as with most inboards, cooling systems can become clogged with marine growth, mud or debris leading to overheats and potentially catastrophic engine failure. Impellers also need changing frequently, even if not used their performance deteriorates over time.

Before bringing your new purchase to the harbour, we strongly recommend that the engine(s) are serviced and that fuel systems are clean and free of contamination.
Please do plan your initial entry into the harbour around the weather. If you are new to the exciting world of boating, attempting to pick up a mooring for the first time whilst single-handed in failing light and a storm could be a little too exciting and can become downright dangerous.
Ensure you have plenty of spare ropes onboard for mooring or tow lines, you can never have too many pieces of string on a boat! Fenders are also highly advisable, you may need to make an unanticipated stop on the pontoon or alongside another vessel.
Harbour staff will always be happy to advise and assist, but during busy periods can be stretched for time so do please call ahead so that we can assist you in planning your first trip to your new mooring.
Boating is a fantastic and rewarding pastime but can be a little daunting in the early days. We would always recommend training before setting to sea and, of course, ensuring that all appropriate safety kit is carried.
Do please call on us for advice and guidance and let us help make your introduction to boating as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.
QHT Team