Mooring Prices

Mooring Charges 2019

Queenborough Harbour Trust CIC manage moorings in the Creek and Harbour.  These include:

  • Drying moorings alongside the Town Quay, annual price is £1,575 for a single berth or £788 per boat where two boats occupy the same berth.
  • *All tide swinging moorings         (maximum 11m)
  • All tide fore & aft moorings          (maximum 18m)
  • All tide pontoon moorings, annual price is £2,562 for a vessel up to 10m.
  • Half tide swinging moorings        (maximum 9m)

Access to swinging and fore & aft moorings is possible by Harbour Trot boat or your own dinghy. There is a secure dinghy/tender park at Queenborough and a tender rack on the ATL (all tide landing), both with 24hr access. Mooring holders will be provided with a keypad code for the ATL security gate.

*All tide swinging moorings may dry out at low water, depending on height of tide and wind direction, please ask our staff for more information.


Paying for your berth

Visitor fees are payable to the Harbour Staff who collect money direct from visiting boats or at the Harbour Office located on the Pontoon.  Payment may be made by credit/debit card, cash, bank transfer. 

Annual mooring holders are required to pay in full for their berth, complete an application form and provide a copy of their vessels insurance certificate BEFORE taking up a mooring.


Office Hours

The Harbour is manned every day except Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Office hours vary from 12 hours a day in the high season to 9 hours in the low season. We have a small team here at Queenborough and if we are unable to answer your call please leave a message and we will get back to you.

On behalf of the Team at Queenborough we wish you a pleasant stay and safe onward journey.